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Drunk Patrick

Everyday like a holiday.

Role in a project

Graphic designer, UX designer, Creative ideation.
As the designer, my task was to make unique style for the PUB. Menu, marketing materials. advertising campaign, print production, backstage, banners...

Tools and processes

  • Photoshop and Illustrator

  • BEER

  • Ideating

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

Design process

Website design

I designed the layout and concept for the site. One of the best thing is that you can reserve a table quickly on the date and time you want. You can choose the table you want from the scheme, state the number of guests and provide additional requirements. 40% of all reservations are coming from the site. You can check the current prices and place your wanta to get orders even before you arrive. And of course a table-map let you know where is the best location - of course it's on a bar chair. Have fun!

Corporate style

Drunk Patrick is a large pub in the old town by the river. It is the only place in the city with the huge beach zone, summer terrace and concert stage for the musicians of any kind to play on Friday evenings. Several premises make it easier for everyone to find the most comfortable place.

The main goal was to create a full-scale world with its history and characters.

Artists changes but background stays

People look at the artists every Friday but background is always there.

Menu is the face of place

I designed a menu and I was supporting updates for about 5 years. Every three month the selection changes, some dishes are ditched, some are introduced. I cannot allow anyone but myself do the changes!

Wine list

Wine selection includes only few choices, but who cares about wine when such a great beer is everywhere.

T-shirts for employee

We used our heros and print them on a T-shirt for the PUB team. The funny thing that a lot of guest were requesting to get on of this 'crazy T-shirt'

Business cards

Things which guest ought to know about the restaurant: Location, contact number, where to get more information.


The were designed to protect tables from scratches but after few month all the coasters were taken by guests as a souvenirs.

Events posters

The events are common and regular at the pub. I do the design for all the most important events. Sometimes this gives birth to additional characters.

Take a deep breathe and let's dive again.

From berr lovers to the beer-pong professionals

Owners decided to popularize this game among the visitors. I designed the table for it and the ruleset.
The teams were created as soon as the table was introduced, the first championship took place in a month. Even more beer lovers for the pub.

In summer the most fun to be had is near the river and under the sun

There is a summer grill producing tender steaks, kebabs and burgers, everything that attracts visitors so much. Hence the right part of the decor was grill-themed.